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The best way to support Fly My Pretties is to subscribe to us. You will receive ALL our back catalog & our upcoming releases (download & stream). We are using this feature to crowd fund for our 1ST studio album due for recording & release in 2015. In addtion we will offer our subscribers exclusive merchandise deals & early info on upcoming shows. This is the best way to show us your love & become part of the FMP whanau. Our early-bird subscription fee is $30 per year (for a limited time).

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Fly My Pretties
New Zealand
Fly My Pretties is a multi-platinum selling, award-winning, collaborative group starring a selection of New Zealand's finest musicians and burgeoning new talent. Our focus is on original music and artistic collaboration. We only record LIve albums.


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wonderdog Why did I subscribe? Apart from the worthiness of the music, I really like their aesthetic, their spirit, etc.
Thanks to (bc fan) Snipergirl for leading me to these artists.

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